Saturday, November 7, 2009

2 States

Yes, that's the name of the latest book by Chetan Bhagat. I just finished reading it, and could not help writing something about it. I have read all 4 of his books, and before this, thought "5 point someone" was his best so far. It could be that since the book borrows heavily from his own experiences, it comes out as something most people can relate to.

Well, I'm here to write about 2 States, and I must say, it is even better than his first book. This is the first book where I have laughed aloud while reading.

The story picks up where "5 Point Someone" ended. So, the protagonist has passed IIT, probably worked for sometime, and got through IIMA. BTW, the protagonist here is named Krishna(Krish) after Hari, Shyam and Govind.He is a Delhi Punjabi guy. Soon after joining the college, he meets his wife-to-be Ananya, who is a Tam -brahm Iyer, but one who loves chicken and Beer. So Boy meets Girl, they fall in love and decide to get married. Alas, things are not so simple. They must convince their respective families to like the other and his/her family too.
That's where the fun begins. It is full of hilarious lines.

I slammed the tetrapack on the table like a retro Hindi film hero who takes the last sip of VAT69.Yes,leave me alone as I drown my suffering in mango juice.

I'm sure the book will very soon be adopted into a film and the funniest character will be Krish's Mom, who thinks it's OK to let go of the best B-school, so that her son can have chicken. She is a typical harassed wife, who considers it more important to be praised/approved by her siblings than what her son really wants.
Ananya's parents are quiet and very traditional. They warm up to Krish after numerous attempts.

The book talks about the prejudices that people hold in India but in a lighter vein. It stresses the importance of people marrying outside their so-called communities. In Ananya's father's words on their wedding:

Yes, the tamilian in me is disappointed. But the Indian in me is quite happy and more than anything, the human being in me is happy.After all, we have decided to use this opportunity to create more loved ones for ourselves.

In short, the book is definitely worth a read.

World is my Oyster

Though I first thought, sharing the bog would be a great idea, it turned out to be not so great an idea. Before it caused any serious identity crisis, i decided not to be lazy and create my own blog.